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Porting an Asteroids clone to Javascript

08 January 2018

This post shares my experience porting an SDL-based Asteroids clone to the web, using Emscripten, an LLVM-to-Javascript compiler.


Sparsehash Internals

11 October 2017

One of the C++ topics that have I wanted to write about is Google’s Sparsehash library. Sparsehash provides several hash-map and hash-set implementations, in particular sparse_hash_map and sparse_hash_set, which have been optimised to have a very low memory footprint. This post dives into the details of how this is achieved.


Fixing the authorship of a Git commit

11 December 2015

When working on code across multiple organisations, one problem that I have run into more often than I would like, is correcting the authorship of Git commits. You know the scenario - you create a new Git repository, but forget to set the appropriate user name and email address before a flurry of commits. This post covers one strategy that I have found useful for fixing incorrect Git commits.


WordPress and Docker

01 December 2015

With so much of my recent work involving WordPress, it made sense to re-evaluate my workflow and figure out how it might be improved. This post shares some of the things I have found useful in setting up a Docker-based environment for WordPress.


Implementing a Distributed Hash Table with Scala and Akka

26 November 2015

After diving into Scala and Akka earlier this year, I had been looking for an opportunity to apply what I had learnt to a non-trivial problem. The Chord Protocol seemed like a good place to start, and the project ultimately resulted in a talk at the Melbourne Scala User Group. Slides for my presentation, Implementing a Distributed Hash Table with Scala and Akka, are now available on Slideshare.


Installing R and RStudio on Mac OS X

20 October 2015

Although installing R and RStudio on Mac OS X wasn’t particularly difficult, I thought I would make some notes here, in case they’re useful to someone else. These instructions make use of Homebrew, a convenient command line package manager for Mac OS X.